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During the past several years, our country and state have struggled to overcome the grips of the worse economic recession experienced in this country since the great depression.  Georgians have suffered staggering losses.  As a single parent, I too struggled to retain my home and faced difficult financial decisions.  While I was able to recover, hundreds of thousands of Georgians have not been so fortunate.  Many Georgians, through no fault of their own, lost their jobs, their homes, and the support from their state government.  We all expected our state leadership to aid in creating real solutions for a sustained economic recovery for every citizen.  This did not happen.  Instead, the debates over extending long-term unemployment benefits, and declaring it "immoral" to renew benefits for Americans, were inconceivable, particularly given the tremendous economic challenges both our state and country still suffer.
It is unacceptable that today Georgia has the highest number of families living in poverty than we have had in over 40 years; leaving an increasing number of Georgians completely out of the labor force and without means to contribute to their local economies.
Georgia must do better. We must put ALL Georgians back to work!
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